Sing With Us!


RCMC is proud to be part of Omaha's multifaceted musical community. Though our members are of diverse backgrounds, professions, and interests, we are in many ways a family, united in the pride we take in our singing. Whether you're interested in singing with the chorus, or joining our devoted family of volunteers, we'd love to hear from you.

Twice each year, typically in February and August, we audition new prospective singing members. Check our calendar for more information.

Non-singing volunteers may join the organization at any time. Please see our Fifth Voice volunteering section for more information. Feel free to call our sing line at 402-341-SING (7464) with any questions.

If you're interested in auditioning, we hope we'll hear from you. You are always welcome to attend a rehearsal and meet some of the members, to see how rehearsals are run, and to get a feel for singing with the chorus before the formal audition.

You must be 18 years or older by the date of the first rehearsal in order to sing with the chorus.

Items to note

  • All interested singers audition. Prior choral singing experience and elementary music reading skill is helpful but not required.
  • The audition includes singing a familiar song, sight singing and an informal assessment of musical skills.
  • No prepared piece is necessary.
  • Experienced singers are especially encouraged.
  • Auditions maintain a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Be ready to have FUN!
  • Weekly rehearsals are Mondays from 6:45pm to 9:15pm


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to join the chorus?

Yearly dues are $25 to belong to the organization.  These dues help us pay the basic administrative costs of keeping the organization in business.

Each concert has a $70 fee per singer.  The concert fees help pay for rehearsal space, sheet music, and other basic chorus needs.

You will also need to purchase your outfit. Performance attire must be ordered through the chorus.  The chorus offers several options for attire; you will be able to choose the pieces that suit you best.  Generally the entire outfit will cost around $50 or less (alterations may add slightly to the cost).

For youth age 23 and under, the per-concert fee is waived, and the purchase cost of attire will be provided by the chorus (however payment of the yearly $25 dues is still required, and alteration costs for attire will be the responsibility of the member).

Is Financial Assistance Available?

Yes!  The Peggy Ryan Memorial Fund was established in memory of a beloved former member of our chorus to help us ensure that cost is not a barrier to participating in the chorus.  You can request financial assistance with the per-concert fees and with attire costs by filling out an assistance request form, which is then sent to our board of directors for approval.  Please note that the yearly $25 dues for membership in the organization must still be paid by the singer.

What if I can't sing, but wish to become involved?

Non-singing members are welcome to join our chorus and volunteer their time and talents! We call our volunteers the Fifth Voice - and while they may not all sing, they are powerful! We can always use people "behind the scenes" to help us further our mission and goals. Volunteers can serve in a variety of capacities such as helping with publicity, stage managing, fundraising, ticket sales, ushering at concerts and events, or by sharing an expertise that can benefit RCMC. To inquire about volunteer opportunities, please email us.

How do I schedule an audition?

Please contact us, or call the SING line at 402-341-SING. Auditions are held in January before we begin practice for our summer concert, and again in July/August before we begin practice for our winter concert.



* While we use gender pronouns to describe the different sections of the chorus, our sections are not by any means gender-specific and we encourage our members to sing in the section that best suits their voice comfortably.